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The home of semi-permanent eyebrow powders.

Designed to give a rich colour payout, this soft, micro-fine, powder is water resistant and contains no mineral oil. Five beautiful powder shades are available.

Wow! Brows works alongside other treatments such as Permanent Make Up (eyebrow tattooing) and can be used in some cases as a temporary alternative for those unable to have more permanent treatments.

How to apply

  • Powder creates both volume and colour. Volume not just colour is badly needed in sparse areas. Colour alone (using pencils) can look too harsh.
  • Most people truly won't know what you have done. Expect to hear "What have you done to your hair?"
  • Stick with thinner shapes as they will look more natural.
  • If you have some brow hair present, an angled brush works best to accurately and lightly place the powder in the areas that require it.
  • Lightly placing translucent face powder over your brow area once you are done will both soften the look and help hold the powder especially if you have very oily skin.