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Calling All Salons......


Are you a Beauty Salon, Hair Salon or a Tanning Salon, if the answer is yes to the above, you can easily and quickly boost your revenue and profits by adding a Wow! Brows to your existing business.
You've already made a name for yourself, gained a valuable client base, and have the experience of managing a commercial business. However, by offering Wow! Brows in your salon you could offer a whole new service to your clients with the power and support of a big brand behind you, giving you an extra income stream with very little investment.
It is very easy to add Wow! Brows brand to your business and we offer help and support all the way. There are a few packages we offer. The display stands hold 15 powders, 30 powders or 15 powders and 12 gels.

"Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but it is also in the hands of the professional"



Unlimited Earning Potential for Your Salon...

Calculate the extra earning potential available to your salon. If you add a Wow! Brows to your salon, and for example, if you only sell 2 powders a day, that would give you at least £4320 extra income in to your business per year.

Use it straight after you shaped your client’s eyebrows, applying it to one side only. Show your client the mirror to see the difference. The reaction is Wow!. Finish the other side.

Want to see how by adding Wow! Brows can benefit your business?Simply email us at or give us a call today to find out more and leave your competitors in the shade...

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