Wow! Brows -The treatment

In Ancient Greece the unibrow was an attractive trait in women and men. So much so, that they actually used to draw them in with their equivalent of eye pencil? Well, times have changed, but the Greeks did stumble onto an important idea: brows are a great way to highlight and channel the eyes and personality.

We believe that we should refine what nature gave you rather than drastically changing your brow shape. Bushy brows look more youthful. One of our favorite celebrities with stronger brows is Camilla Belle. Natalie Portman has these fabulous straight eyebrows that are so sophisticated and elegant. Arched eyebrows are undeniably sexy. We think Rihanna has struck the perfect balance of sensual, but still a ways from sexpot.

Threading is an important part of our shaping and we believe this is what makes us different from other treatments. When expertly done, threading is an amazing tool with precise finish. All of our clients specifically request that perfect line. We thread not only below the brow but from above and also clean up between the eyes and anything drifting towards the temples. It might hurt. You will sneeze. But it will look fabulous.

In addition to shaping those lovely brows, we can also add extra definition with our semi-permanent eyebrow pwoder specifically designed for brows. Most women should use a color two to three shades lighter than their hair color, with blondes going a few shades darker. Like in elementary school, always color within the lines. One last touch is to use a brow gel – Wow! Brows gel - to keep your hairs in place.

The treatment should take between 30-40 min initially –to include a full consultation and we recommend charging between £25-£30 for the initial treatment and £20-£25 for the maintenance.